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We as women of Living Water Church desire to focus on the Bible, Bible studies, support groups, and events encouraging deeper relationships with God and other women. Our desire is to focus on Bible centered teaching, prayer, and encouragement for spiritual growth. We believe that God desires a relationship with us and are committed to encouraging in women a heart for worship and sensitive spirit to His presence. We believe that God desires women to grow into His fullness and to become all that we were created to be.


We want to develop in children the grace and glory of Jesus. Our aim as parents and mentors and leaders of children is to help them abandon every worldly allegiance and be relentlessly committed to Jesus. We believe that children are the legacy and heritage of the church. And our goal is to strive to connect children to God by cultivating a heart-transforming personal faith in Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching and training.


We are men called to Evangelize, Build relationships, Fellowship, leadership, and mentorship. As men of Living Water Fellowship Church, God calls us to lead the way in making a positive difference in men’s lives through Christ-Centered relationships, discipleship and service beginning at home and expanding to our neighborhoods, community, and the world.

Hearts &

In Matthew’s gospel chapter 25 verse 40 it tells us that when we do an act of kindness in the name of Jesus to those who are called “the least of these,” we are performing that act of kindness for toward our Lord. That is the whole intent of the Hearts and Hands Ministry. We focus on performing very practical jobs for individuals in our community that oftentimes and the forgotten and marginalized. We specifically target the elderly and the poor in Pueblo and Pueblo West who are in need of having some sort of practical, physical task performed for them. It may be something as simple as a yard clean up or installation of something that might help make their residence more safe for their occupation, such as the installation of grab bars or rails on their steps. The people of Christ at Living Water Fellowship commit to perform these tasks to those in our community who need to experience the love of God in their lives. By doing so, the people of Living Water Fellowship are able to share the love of Christ to these individuals in a very practical manner.


Serving our church, our neighborhood, our community, and town to minister to others. By God’s grace we want to give back to others what God has blessed us with as a church community.

Prayer, Praise
& Pasta

We at Living Water Fellowship church undertake our mission as prayer warriors. Moreover, we understand our fellowship to be part of a much larger body-the Church of Jesus Christ around the world. We will advocate interrelationships, interdependence, and creative partnership in the cause of the gospel around the world. Through individual and corporate prayer, we commit our lives to Jesus and call on others to commit their lives as well. We understand that Jesus commands us to pray just like he commanded his followers to pray in Matthew 9:38. We are a praying church community who are committed to prayer as key doctrine for advancing the Gospel of Christ. Prayer, praise, and fellowship is the working method for our mission.