Kids Crew

Visitors will find Pueblo West Living Water children’s ministry to be very family friendly. Our children are the very “heart beat” of our church. Our teachers and kids workers meet every quarter to review the curriculum, and to discuss how we can better the children’s department. Currently we have several kids attending between the ages of 0-12. It is extremely important to help children understand the love of Jesus and help them grow in their knowledge of God’s truth found in the Holy Bible. All people young or old need the opportunity to grow in living a life of love and truth like Jesus, walking in God’s Holy ways. We believe children have a special place in God’s heart of love, for Jesus called the little children to Him. They matter a great deal to Jesus and to our church.

Ministry Safe

Ministry Safe is the safety program used to protect your children at Living

Nazarene Safe

Nazarene Safe system provides a safety system for screening and training volunteers on a zero tolerance policy.

During worship times, free nursery care is offered until age 4, around age 4 they join either a toddler group or children’s town program. Please check-in your child at the welcome table and remember to sign your child out when the worship service is over. If you have any questions, our welcome team is available to guide you throughout the registration process and if they can’t answer a question, just ask for Sue Young.

Please note: We encourage kids of all ages to sit with their families during the worship portion of our service. This allows the kids to enjoy the music and worship and gives opportunities for our kids to learn what “BIG” church is about. We believe it takes a village to teach our kids.

Finally, volunteers are always welcome in the children’s ministry, please check out our volunteer page for more details. You can also ask at the welcome table or find Sue Young for the application.

Pueblo West Living Water looks forward to your family visiting our friendly real life down to earth church. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions before, during or after your visit with us.

We love going to PW Living Waters Fellowship. The first day we went, our family was welcomed by warm and smiling people. Everyone we have been blessed with meeting from the church have been absolutely amazing. You feel like a family and not just a small piece of the puzzle. Our baby is well taken care of in the nursery during the service and our 5yr old loves children’s church. We are very much looking forward to the new and exciting things to come with the church!”

“We don’t have family nearby, so it’s hard to find folks you trust to be with your kids. But at PW Living Water Fellowship, they are our second family. We depend on each other to help raise our kids. They say “it takes a village”….well, we found our village.”