New Here?

We’re Always Excited to Welcome New Guests

Pueblo West Living Water FellowshipAt Living Water, we are always excited to welcome new guests. Hopefully you can join us soon for a service. We know it can be intimidating to attend for the first time so we want you to be as comfortable as possible when you arrive.

We are located at 198 S. Purcell Suite 140 in Pueblo West. It in the shopping center just past Loaf n Jug when coming from HWY 50. We are right in the middle of the shopping center with the waves on the windows. Please feel free to park wherever is convenient as all the businesses have given us permission and are not busy at that time.


Please come dressed however you are comfortable. Whether you are dressed up or dressed down you will feel comfortable.  We have coffee and donuts provided that you can take to your seat.

You will be greeted with a friendly smile by one of our greeters. They can point you to the nursery, kid’s area, and/or restrooms. You will be given a guest card and invited to sign the guest book. Please feel free to give as much (or as little) info as you would like. We would just like the opportunity to connect with you but never want to smother you! Be sure to get your free gift before you leave.

Be sure to hang around for a few moments afterward if you would like.  Pastor Jim would love to connect with you. Hope to see you soon!